The first question that probably goes through a customer’s mind is: Will I be able to get it fixed, or will I have to purchase a new system?
Most of the time it is cheaper to repair the unit than buy a new one. However, there are some facts to consider before making the final decision whether to repair or replace. Because an air conditioning system usually lasts from 10-15 years, fixing an air conditioning unit that should be replaced may just be a quick solution, but can cost you more money in the long run.

Here are several facts to consider before deciding whether to repair or replace:

1. Compare the cost to fix versus the cost of a new system.

2. How energy efficient is your old unit.

3. Older units may have repair parts now, but may soon be discontinued and unavailable for their repair.

4. The time that it will take to make back the cost difference between fixing and buying new, considering that older units use up to 50% more fuel/electricity than new high efficiency units.

5. Is another problem expected in the near future or is the fix going to keep the unit going for a long time?

6. Think about the cost savings expected from the new unit from tax credits and/or rebates.

If you want to schedule a routine maintenance, repair or replace your air conditioning equipment Snellville Heating and Air serving Barrow County can provide an energy evaluation for your home or business to ensure that you have the right system for you.